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A thorough cleansing helps eliminate impurities, pollution and oils that block pores. Facials can help protect and prolong healthy skin for a longer time, extending the results of your cosmetic treatments.

Our specialists use the highest quality products to remove dead layers of skin in order to reveal a healthy, more youthful you.


A minimally-invasive tool is used to remove layers of skin, pigmentation irregularity, sun damage or to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


We use laser light technology to remove unwanted body and facial hair and skin discoloration. Treatments take place in a specially-equipped room with trained professionals to protect your health and appearance.



Each person’s skin is different and requires customized treatment. We offer this line of professional products to help keep your skin refreshed and young-looking.

For aging skin, we offer treatments with DerMend to restore, rejuvenate and maintain a more youthful complexion.

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